Keep me in this place of desperation if that is what is required for me to have a renewed heart and know You more. 

"God’s absolute sovereignty is a sweet place to rest.

Amen to that. 

"stop trying to fill the emptiness of our lives with a hundred pieces of world, and put our souls at rest in God." - John Piper 



what the heck was i thinking when i thought i could do it all on my own. i need to constantly remind myself that i am seriously nothing without God. thankful for these harsh painful but necessary slaps of reality. 

no application process required to be accepted by God. thank gooodness! 

it’s been such a long long time since i felt like i could breathe a sigh of relief and just rest every part of me and fall into His arms. thank GOOODNEESSS for God and His strength. i seriously could never make it on my own. because i am soso weak. ptl ptl ptl. 


heemee moved in today. i felt so old walking around rpcc. and i felt so bad for the freshmen that looked lost. i really do not miss the overly excited self introductions and preppy attitudes that every person seemed to have. except me obvs. maybe i need to lighten up. and maybe that explains why i only made like three friends during orientation week. oh well no regrets. can’t believe i’m a senior. praying for a seriously fruitful year cus Lord knowwwsss i need lots of help. esp before facing life post-college. mermer wah. 

i feel so lukewarm it scares me… 

thought i’d change the tumblr url since i’m not in aus no mo. it’s been a good run aussie. but seriously nothing beats home sigh. kind of dreading ithaca.. :x